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Aiden Button is a multi-genre composer, producer, and keyboard performer. He started approaching piano since he was four years old by improvising and singing along with the radio with no scores at all. He graduated with 110/110 and Honors in Harmony, Counterpoint, Fugue, and Classical Composition at “Conservatorio A. Steffani di Castelfranco Veneto (TV)”. Today he is still growing his experience in jazz, rock/metal progressive, film/ambient music, keyboard performing, and singing.

Aiden’s music consists of two levels of comprehension, according to his words:

1. A first glance universal understanding “Since music is a subjective language, my works are like blank sheets that listeners can fill with their own emotions.”

2. Exploring the inner side “…using musical composition tips or tricks, as I silly call them, I’d like to explain how I’m creating my music so you can get through by exploring the reasons for the creative processes.”

On January the 22th, 2021, after its release Valzer della quiete was featured on the Editorial Spotify Playlist Massima Concentrazione. So, take a look at the mirror, join the journey to discover yourself and myself through the music.

Aiden Button

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